Shipping Terms

Note: Please be aware that due to the Coronavirus pandemic the shipping times take much longer than under normal circumstances. If you are unwilling to wait longer please wait until the situation gets back to normal to order. We won’t refund you for delays. Also notice that some shipping methods to some countries are temporarily suspended. You can check with us to know if shipping to your country is available now. Sorry for the inconvenience. We ship all parcels from Kunming, Yunnan China, worldwide. We recommend you to create a user account with your address and country information. Please add your phone number too, since is a very valuable piece of information, in case your local post need to contact youAfter you did this our website’s shopping cart system will automatically calculate the shipping costs for each shipping method offered. Otherwise, the system will automatically calculate shipping to its preset country which might be very different from yours.Not all shipping methods are available for every country. For example, the E-packet shipping method is limited to a list of countries.We use China post to deliver our parcels. When filling in your country’s information if your country is not available please send us an email with your country name and we will add it to our system! We ship parcels within 2-4 working days after the customer’s order. Courier won’t send parcels during weekends and main Chinese holiday, thanks for your understanding. 

Shipping transit estimated times

 The shipping transit times in this page are estimated, we can’t tell precisely how long will the parcel take to arrive. We ship all our goods from Kunming and then goes to another first-tier city (Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc) and it could take another week or so until it gets cleared out by customs to head to its final destination. So we won’t be responsible for delays or problems with the Customs of your country simply because is not in our hands to solve all of this.Surface – 90 to 180 daysSAL – 30 to 120 daysAIR – 10 to 30 daysEMS express – 3 to 21 daysE-Packet – 7 to 30 days*These estimated times are calculated under the normal circumstances. In the given pandemic situation the shipping will take much longer for the parcels to arrive.

Shipping methods

Surface This is the cheapest and slowest method available, could take up to 4 months. This method has no tracking, just delivery confirmation. Surface is a reliable method and can be insured against loss but can’t be insured against damaged items.So we do not recommend using this method for fragile items like teaware. We cant refund broken items send by the surface method.The shipping is calculated per kg.SAL (sea, air and land) Combination of shipping methods, not appropriate for fragile items like teaware or fragile loose-leaves. If you choose this method we can’t guarantee the items will arrive safely, therefore, we can’t refund any broken items.The shipping is calculated per kg.AIRThis method is in most cases the most expensive and not the fastest one. It has a limited tracking system but is not updated as often as EMS one and in some countries doesn’t work properly.The shipping is calculated per kg.EMS ExpressThis method is the fastest one and also has real-time tracking.  After your order has been shipped, you will receive a tracking number with a link to the website where you can track it. The postal website of your home country may also recognize these EMS tracking numbers. EMS shipping is based on a per 500 grams basis. E-packet ( package less than 2kg, 3kg and 5kg depending on the country)This method is like regular EMS but for small parcels. Shipping weight is calculated per 1 gram, 10g and 50g depending on the country. E-pack method is available only for: Ireland, Austria, Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Russia, France, Finland, Kazakhstan, Korea, Netherlands, Canada, Luxembourg, Malaysia, United States, Mexico, Norway, Portugal, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Spain, Greece, Singapore, New Zealand, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Hong Kong.E-expressThis method is quite similar to e-packet. Suitable for small parcels, shipping weight is based on a per 50 grams basis. This shipping method is available on our website for countries where e-packet is not available.

Bamboo/bamboo leaf packaging

Some countries prohibit items like bamboo leaf packaging for some Puer teas. We suggest you check your country’s customs import policy before ordering. If the need arises let us know in the comments of the order or send us an email and well remove the bamboo wrapping material. 

Estimated Shipping Weight

Our shipping system calculates an estimated shipping cost. Since there could be different weight variations depending on the order is difficult to calculate the exact cost. Given that depending on the number of products ordered, the box’s size, wrapping material, etc. The total weight will be different.So after you place the order, we will weigh the box and send you a “Paypal Request” with the total cost (goods + shipping). Which might be a little different than what our shipping system estimated. Since this is a simulator and as explained above is not easy to calculate the exact weight of wrapping material.In the additional information section of each product. You can see the gross weight of it. Including the weight of the box, wrapping material, etc. This is just an estimated simulation for your reference. We ship all of our teapots with a box for extra protection. This extra box weight will be added to the total shipping weight box. If your order exceeds a little the 2kg a ( 100-200g ) the shipping system won’t give the option to use E-packet – 2kg. However, sometimes is still possible to fit your products in a box of 2kg.If this happens, we will send you the “Paypal Request” with this shipping option.If your package is heavier/lighter than the estimated shipping weight by our system. We will change the shipping price in your order, and the change will appear in your account’s order.

Tracking your parcels

To track your parcel, follow the steps below.

  1. Access your account.
  2. Enter your order.
  3. Click on the button as shown in the following image.

Alternatively for your EMS express and E-packet parcels, you can use this website: tracking website option for all kinds of shipping (that is those kinds that have tracking) is:

Important notice for EU Customers

Due to changes implemented in the EU regarding the collection of VAT, all shipments originating outside of the EU will be subject to VAT regardless of the value, beginning July 1, 2021. This supersedes the previous VAT threshold of 22 Euros.

Yunnan Tea Market does not collect or remit VAT, Taxes, Duties or processing fees. Any of these charges are the sole responsibility of the buyer.

By agreeing to the terms at checkout, you agree to pay any charges levied by your Customs Agency and postal authorities. Agreeing to the terms also means that you accept any delays caused by your country’s Customs processing procedures.

If you reject the parcel and send it back to us to avoid customs duties, you will be responsible for the original shipping fee, return shipping fee (back to China), and 30% restocking fee. If you decide to cancel the order before it is shipped, a 3% cancellation fee will be applied against your refund. This fee helps cover the fees assessed by PayPal and our credit card processor, who both keep between 3%-4.4% when they refund a transaction.

Thank you for understanding.