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The traditional craftsmanship of Jianshui Purple pottery, developed during the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties (Jianshui Zitao teapots developed much later), emerging gradually from the ceramics industries. It is the result of many years of accumulated cultural knowledge, reflecting the long history of China. It is a remarkable product of the melding of Han and Yunnan minority cultures.
Jianshui Pottery focuses on meticulous decoration.
It uses Chinese calligraphy, painting, engraving/filling with multi-colour clay, glaze-less polishing and other decorative techniques.
There is a saying: “Engraving/filling is a skill; calligraphy and painting are the souls of Zitao Pottery.”
At present, it is one of the four famous pottery in China.
In most cases, Jianshui Zitao teapots are Wheel-Thrown, meaning made by hand on a potter’s wheel, excluding teapots with sharp angles or square ones.

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