Our story

My passion for tea began in 2010.

At that time, I was studying Tai Ji Quan with a Chinese teacher who introduced me to Oolong tea. I got hooked on tea ever since that day, by the natural appeal of the teaware used, the way to prepare it and because of its organoleptic properties.

After my first experience, I tried all kinds of teas from different countries, Japan, Taiwan and India. My preference being those of China and Taiwan, more specifically I’m keen on Puer and Oolong.

Later I made some trips to China to be able to contact producers and get higher quality teas.

So it was that my affinity for this drink led me to this venture.

Initially, I started selling tea in my country, Argentina. But then I decided to come to settle in Kunming, Yunnan, China to have better access to high-quality teas.

Our task is to offer our customers high-quality teas and at the same time operate with the utmost degree of transparency when it comes to our products.