1989 Xiaguan Jia Ji Tuocha Raw Puer Tea

I thought of adding some more info about this tea here because my description is quite long already.
One day I posted some pictures of the tea liquor of this tea on Instagram.
In that tea session, I used fewer grams, so I did fewer infusions. And also pry open a new Tuocha. So I thought of showing you the tea leaves here:

Wet leaves from new pry open Tuocha


The tea leaves you can see here are not as dark as the one in the tea description (of the website) which are these:

Tea leaves from the centre of Tuocha.
I also happen to have some tea leaves from a tea session I did in April 2019 from the same Tuocha that I brewed the last piece (the centre chunk) to make the tea description on my website. And you can see that these tea leaves do look like the ones you see from my second tea session:

My best guess is that the difference in colour from the chunk in the centre of the Tuocha, compare to the rest is related to the uneven ageing of the tea leaves.
The darker leaves in the tea description were as explained, the last piece of another Tuocha. And it was the dimple part of the Tuocha.
That is why It took longer for the tea leaves to open in that tea session. Because the centre of tea cakes or Tuochas has tighter compression.
When this tea is young is tightly compressed. But since this one underwent some traditional HK storage and is not young, the compression has loosened considerably.
So in this tea session in the second or third infusion, the tea liquor had more colour already than in the first tea session when I brewed the centre of the Tuocha.

Anyway, I wanted to clarify the difference in colour and also wanted to take the opportunity for you to see the opened tea leaves.
You can see that I managed to open some and they have darkened significantly but still look flexible and maintaining some of their original texture. They are not super stiff. Meaning the humidity this tea underwent is not excessive.
Also, I think that we all could agree that for a Xiaguan Tuocha these tea leaves look not bad at all!





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2 thoughts on “1989 Xiaguan Jia Ji Tuocha Raw Puer Tea

  1. Wade Scholine says:

    I came here curious about this very tuo. It appears to be far and away the most precious thing in your inventory, if it’s what it claims to be. What do you know of its provenance? Did it spend time at Hong Kong? Did it get shicang flavor?

    • admin says:

      Hi there. In terms of its age, it’s our oldest.
      Regarding tea storage, it spent most of its life in Hong Kong and the rest in Kunming. So the wet notes that originally had are gone. It’s super clean now. It has a thick and sweet tea soup.
      You can read more in detail about its storage in the tea description.

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